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    •  Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Parts

    ( 1 ) Hydraulic head of VE distributor pump (HEAD & ROTOR VE)
    VE type distributor pump, which is widely used in the recent high-speed, small-and -middle-size diesels, is a kind of fuel injection pump using single high-pressure pumping plunger. Its hydraulic head and rotor are the most important, but damageable parts. Once the pump is attrited, the power of the diesel engine will decrease and injurant emission will increase. Even worse, this may cause the engine fails to start.

      We make over 80 kinds of VE heads & rotors for BOSCH, ZEXEL, DENSO, IVECO, CUMMINS, FORD, ISUZU, TOYOTA, NISSAN, MAZDA, KOMATSU MITSUBISHI, DAEWOO, KIA, etc. We'd like to manufacture VE head according to your sample or your special requirements, without taking the quantity into account.

    BOSCH Series

    ZEXEL Series

    DENSO Series

    ( 2 ) VE pump spares

    drive shaft、supply pump、cam plate、roller、 pulling electromagnet、governor lever……

    (3)DELPHI pump head & rotor and other spares

    DPA 、 DPS 、 DPC 、 DP200……


    •  Tractor Hydraulic System Parts
    Distributor of hydraulic pressure jars for tractors


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